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Our airport is governed by a diverse group of Board Members that provide valuable insight into the strategic direction and financial sustainability of the organization. 


Our Board

London International Airport is operated by The Greater London International Airport Authority (GLIAA). This authority is a not-for-profit corporation that has full operational and financial control of the Airport under the Federal Government's National Airports Policy. 

Selecting Our Board of Directors

GLIAA's Board of Directors provides governance to our Airport; they meet seven times per year including an Annual General Meeting. GLIAA's President and Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Board. Members of the Board are nominated by various entities representing the community at large including:

1. Federal Government

2. Province of Ontario

3. City of London

4. London Chamber of Commerce

5. GLIAA Board

picture of don bryant board member

Don Bryant


picture of michelle faysal board member

Michelle Faysal

Past Chair

picture of gus kosiomitis board member

Gus Kosiomitis


picture of bob hammersley board member

Bob Hammersley


Maureen 2019.jpg

Maureen O'Leary-Pickard

picture of mike parkinson board member

Mike Parkinson



picture of john stein board member

John Stein


Our Current Board of Directors

picture of michelle campbell board member

Michelle Campbell


picture of elizabeth cormier board member

Elizabeth Cormier